Annette Hug

Essay in Pro Helvetia's online magazine V/A

«Asked whether her weekly posts had been planned as a run-up to the launch of Mapping Philippine Material Culture, Marian Pastor Roces smiles and shakes her head: “No.” It was a surprise both to her and to Cristina Juan in London how these texts created a space for discussion.» 



Buch-Cover Wilhelm Tell in Manila

My third novel “Wilhelm Tell in Manila” was launched in 2016 at Wunderhorn, Heidelberg, Germany and is available in Korean (2018) and French (2019). You can find a summary of this in English with excerpts from major reviews in the following link.


Working on this novel, I searched, read, and was able to translate quite a wide range of materials related to José Rizal’s sojourn in Spain, France, and Germany as well as his work as a translator of “Wilhelm Tell” by Friedrich Schiller from German into Tagalog. Prof. Ramon Guillermo of the Institute of Filipino and Philippine Literature, University of the Philippines, motivated me to frame my insights and questions in English. As long as my essay “Revolutions Entwined” awaits publication, it will be accessible on my Academia page.



Participation at international festivals and residencies:


University of the Philippines National Writers Workshop, August 2021 (online) 


Seoul Art Space Yeonhui, December 2019


Seoul International Writers Festival, October 21 to 28, 2018


Shanghai Writing Program, September and October 2017


Research trip to Hongkong, January 4 to February 3, 2017, funded by the «Grenzgänger Stipendium» of the Robert Bosch Foundation 


More information:


If you want to learn more about my life and work, please feel free to ask me for a CV in English. My Email is annettehug(a)